High School

Getting Ready for When Your Teen Reaches the Age of Majority: A Parent’s Guide
This tip sheet provides information to help parents with children gaining the rights of adults.
Publication Date: October 2015
Publisher: Center for Parent Information and Resources

Parent Tips for Transition Planning
This article discusses the options available for transition planning and what a parent needs to know to ensure that their child’s rights are protected while they are learning the skills needed to develop independence.
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: Pacer Center

Parent/Professional Collaboration
This article explores how teachers, families, and schools can collaborate to help families become and stay involved in helping their children succeed in school and make the transition to work or postsecondary education.
Publisher: National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

Required Components of Transition
This is a list of components that must be included in a child’s IEP beginning not later than the first IEP to be in effect when the child turns 16, or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP team.
Publisher: Arizona Department of Education

Supporting the Dynamic Development of Youth with Disabilities During Transition: A Guide for Families
This brief provides information about healthy adolescent development for youth with disabilities, focusing on the role of parents and families in supporting the successful transition to adult life.
Author: Kris Peterson 
Publication Date: March 2004
Publisher: National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

Ten Tips That May Help Ease Your Child’s Transition To Adulthood
This article offers tips to help parents build a successful transition for their child’s future after high school.
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Pacer Center

Transition Planning Process
This flow chart provides an overview of the transition planning process.
Publisher: Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services

What to Know About Work-Based Learning Experiences
This fact sheet addresses the compatible outcome goals and policy priorities identified in The 2020 Youth Transition Plan: A Federal Interagency Strategy and provides a quick glance of available resources. 
Publication Date: November 2015
Publisher: Federal Partners in Transition


How to Prepare Your Child with Disabilities for Kindergarten: Tips for Parents
This article discusses how working with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team can help parents plan for their child’s success and make that first school experience a good one.
Publication Date: 2010
Publisher: Pacer Center

Making the Move from Preschool to Kindergarten
This is a guide for parents of 4- and 5-year-old children who receive Preschool Special Education Services.
Publisher: Pacer Center

Paving the Way to Kindergarten for Young Children with Disabilities
This article discusses best practices that can help make for a smoother transition from preschool to kindergarten for children with disabilities. 
Author: Amanda Fenlon
Publisher: Reading Rockets