Functional Behavioral Assessment and Positive Interventions: What Parents Need to Know
This overview will help parents understand functional behavioral assessments and positive interventions.
Author: Dixie Jordan
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Pacer Center

Tantrums, Tears, and Tempers: Behavior Is Communication
This article explains behavior is affected by a child’s developmental stage, temperament, and type of disability and is the way a child expresses something that cannot be told in words. Strategies are included for effectively managing the behavior. 
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: Pacer Center

Use Positive Strategies to Protect Your Child with Disabilities from Bullying
This article discusses how parents can protect their children with disabilities by promoting effective strategies, using the Individualized Education Program (IEP) as a tool, working with the school, and knowing their child’s rights under the law.
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Pacer Center

Using Choice and Preference to Promote Improved Behavior
This easy-to-read brief describes the choice-making strategy, the importance of offering choices to children, the behavioral changes that can be expected, resources that are needed, and who benefits from this intervention.
Authors: G. Dunlap and D. LIso
Publication Date: August 2004
Publisher: Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning